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  • What is the Kinnebrew Cares Program?
    The Kinnebrew Cares program is designed to assist people in need, worthwhile causes, our Charity partners, and the community with volunteering commitments and financial support through commissions from real estate transactions.
  • What and How are Preferred Organization Partners (POP) chosen?
    What are Preferred Organization Partners? Our Preferred Organization Partners are organizations that have been recommended from previous buyers or sellers. These organizations have been vetted and have a strong track record of committment to their mission and passion for helping the community and others. How are they chosen? After the Kinnebrew Real Estate Group is fortunately enough to represent you in a real estate transaction; you will have the opportunity to recommend a charity/organization of choice to be included on our vetted list of Organization Partners. Once your recommendation has made the list, future buyers and sellers can choose that charity/organization as the recipient of the donation. Spread the word! Your recommended organization must be vetted and meet the criteria to be added to the Preferred List.
  • Are all of the Charity Partners 501(c)(3)?
    Most are... however, there are isolated causes that may be considered for donations!
  • When do the Organization Partner receive their donation?
    Within 5 business days of closing!
  • Can multiple Charities Partners divide a donation?
  • Do I have to choose an organization from the list?
    YES! The purpose is to pay it forward! The next person that comes along after you, can then choose your recommeded charity from the list. So spread the word... the more referrals, the more donations.
  • How much of the commission goes to charity?
    Donations can range from $100 to $5,000+ for each transacrion, depending on the cost of the home being purchased and/or sold. However, the accumulation of donations from multiple referrals can increase the overall amount substantially.
  • Can I donate to one of the Charity Partners without buying or selling a property?
    Absolutely, there's a "LEARN MORE" link under each organization tab that will lead you to their page for more information.
  • How can I help a Charity Partner receive multiple donations throughout the year?
    Referrals Referrals Referrals!
  • Can I recommend charities/causes outside of Atlanta?
    Yes, our goal is to help as many people as we can, in as many places as we can, as often as we can! We are currently working with charities inside and out of Georgia.
  • What if I live outside of Georgia, how can I help?"
    Being a part of the #1 Real Estate company in the country with the highest number of agent count, closed units and sales volume; we are able to connect you with the right agent no matter where you call home! We can even assist with commerical and global referrals.
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